It’s been a while and even though I haven’t been on here lately I have been busy moving my story towards it completion. Now, I just wanted to take a minute to encourage you in whatever life is throwing at you. I know how life can get in the way and throw curveballs at you. There are days when I feel as though there are not enough hours for me to get done everything I want and then I get a call, either to help a friend or a commitment comes up that I forgot about or a call from a family member going through a rough patch. Through all the craziness of life I am always aware that if I try to depend on myself I will fail. Always. Only when I take a breath, step back and turn whatever it is over to the Lord do I find real peace. Sometimes the issue is resolved right away and sometimes it isn’t but even in those cases I still can find peace because I know my Lord has it all under control and he will do what is right. So, I hope you can also rest in that assurance. I am plugging away on my novel, “Lost Without You”, and am pleased with how it is coming along. I know that finishing the book is not the end but just the beginning but I’m not looking past this point. I feel blessed to have made it this far and know in my heart that it will all fall in place. I ask for your prayers and support and look forward to getting to know many of you as I continue this adventure. No




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